Evolutionary Life
... nurturing the conscious evolution of civilization
An unprecedented effort for unprecedented times...
Evolutionary Life is a non-profit organization to further the conscious evolution of civilization.  We believe
  • humanity is a part and expression of the great story of universal evolution
  • humanity represents the possibility of evolution becoming conscious of itself and
  • the extent to which humanity learns to evolve more consciously will determine its existence and our quality of life during the 21st century and thereafter.
We seek to nurture humanity's evolutionary role in three fundamental areas:
  • learning, research, and teaching the reality and dynamics of evolution
  • celebration, support, and community grounded in the spirit of evolution
  • practice, service, and transformational action that embodies evolution at all levels -- personal, social systemic, and planetary.
In short, we seek to understand, promote, and bring to life the evolutionary perspective and worldview in full appreciation of the practical, spiritual, and scientific realities of our time.

We welcome your participation as a conscious co-evolutionary and your support of all efforts to help
humanity make wise evolutionary choices.
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