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The links below only hint at the fabulously rich resources available to inform our efforts to evolve more consciously together and to co-create social systems that can, themselves, consciously evolve.  Let us know any important links we may have overlooked.

Thank God For Evolution - The rich website of evolutionary evangelist Rev. Michael Dowd, based on his book by that title, explaining an evolutionary marriage of religion and science that has been endorsed by numerous Nobel Prize winners and evolutionary scientists as well as a wide spectrum of spiritual and religious leaders.

The Great Story - The original website of evolutionary evangelists Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, created and maintained by science-writer Barlow since 2002. 
Evolutionary Life, although a fully independent effort, grew out of and continues to be inspired by the work of this remarkable couple, and we view our own work as an extension of their science-based evolutionary spirituality into efforts to transform social systems in healthy ways.
Center for Conscious Evolution - The website built around the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard, an elder in this movement, who first brought the term "conscious evolution" into popular consciousness.  She has another site at the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.  Her work explicitly embraces efforts to transform social systems in many sectors of society.

EnlightenNext - The website built around the magazine of that name (once called "What is Enlightenment?" and now dubbed "The Magazine for Evolutionaries") created by evolutionary enlightenment teacher Andrew Cohen.  Andrew Cohen also writes about conscious evolution in his blog.  While maintaining their own unique, Eastern spiritual center of gravity, they provide a rich and eclectic buffet of evolutionary perspectives.

Integral Institute - The website for the extensive networking, inquiries, and collaborations that have arisen around the work of integral philosopher Ken Wilber, focusing on models of the internal and external dynamics of individual and collective development, with an ultimate grounding in non-dual spirituality.

Conscious Evolution - The evolutionary thinking of holistic activist and social change philosopher Tom Atlee, including visions of a movement for the conscious evolution of social systems and his research with Peggy Holman on evolutionary dynamics that can be used to transform social systems.

A Call to Conscious Evolution - A wake-up call petition created and signed by evolutionary spirituality leaders and others -- still open to signatures -- to make our own conscious evolution a priority as part of our engagement to transform the world in life-serving directions.

Evolutionary Spirituality Wiki - An online forum where you can work with others to articulate and co-evolve the intersecting movements for evolutionary spirituality and evolutionary action.

Institute for Noetic Sciences - A major cross-roads organization exploring the realm where consciousness and science meet to further individual and collective transformation.

Global Mindshift - A website of ideas, stories and conversations to engage us as participants
in the co-creation of global community by expanding our view of what it means to be human based on knowledge of our evolutionary journey.

Elisabet Sahtouris and Lynn Margulis describe the science that reveals cooperation at the heart of the evolutionary process and the insight that we are cooperative civilizations of microbes.  They also point out that bacteria have pioneered much of what we are struggling with today as we seek to become a sustainable global civilization.

Syntony Quest - The integral design work of Alexander and Kathia Laszlo, informed by an evolutionary systems perspective that seeks to foster life-affirming, future-creating, and opportunity-increasing possibilities.

Robert Wright comments on current issues from an evolutionary perspective, often explicitly.  His book The Moral Animal is considerd by many the best on evolutionary psychology and his Nonzero had a profound impact on our thinking about the evolution of planetary civilization.

David Sloan Wilson is one of the greatest scientific popularizers of how evolutionary dynamics and understandings apply to everyday life and culture.

Institute for the Study of Complex Systems - The center for Peter Corning's work on the central role of synergy and cooperation in generating the evolving complexity we see everywhere in the natural world.

Jonathan Haidt researches and publicizes the psychological and evolutionary scientific foundations underlying our ancient ethical wisdom traditions.

Awakening Earth - Site of Duane Elgin's visons of the immense evolutionary opportunity we have for creating a vibrant global civilization arising out of and enhancing our living, evolving, awakening universe.

Evolution's Arrow - John Stewart's work on the role played in the evolution of living systems by aligning the self-interest of individual parts with the well-being of the whole, which has had a profound influence on Michael Dowd's social vision.

The Center for the Story of the Universe - Site of the work of cosmologist Brian Swimme who, with "geologian" Thomas Berry, founded an early spiritualized evolutionary perspective upon the principle of cosmogenesis -- the idea that the evolutionary dynamics of the cosmos as a whole -- self-creation, differentiation, and communion -- unfold at all scales and locations.

Peter J. Richerson is one of the leading researchers of cultural evolution, grounded in principles of evolutionary biology, arguing in such papers as "Culture is Essential" that culture shapes behavior and beliefs in ways that impact the gene-based natural selection process.

The View from the Center of the Universe - Cosmologist Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams' remarkable science-based description of the the central place of humans in the cosmos, and what that means for our lives here on Earth.

Ursula Goodenough is a cell biologist playing a leading role in exploring the relationship between religion and science.  Her
highly regarded book, The Sacred Depths of Nature, is a foundational document of Religious Naturalism, a major spiritual worldview of science-based evolutionaries.

American Teilhard Association - Dedicated to the work of Teilhard de Chardin whose 1940s vision of the merger of material and spiritual evolution in human civilization provides the inspirational foundation for many branches of the conscious evolution movement today.

The Journal of Conscious Evolution - An independent journal of evolutionary thought edited by Allan Combs and Sean M. Saiter to serve the "emerging field of inquiry informed and inspired by evolutionary developmental, and integral approaches to consciousness and our urge to understand the cosmos."
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